What are online slot tournaments?

Are you a fan of the old fashioned pokies machines at your local casino? Do you love the thrill of the bells ringing as you twist or pull down the lever and watch the machine front spin as not one, nor two but three sevens appear?

With the popularity of technology and the growing amount of computers, Ipads, Android applications it is not surprising that old fashioned casino pokies machines are beginning to become a thing of the past and the new gambling fad becoming popular is online slot tournaments.

Whether you are on the lookout for free games of online slot tournaments to join or paid ones to win some cash, the internet is your one-stop location for online slot tournaments. The great thing too about online slot tournaments is that they are open all time and you can play from the comfort of your very own home or if you prefer why not stay in your pyjamas and play that way.

All online players are given the same amount of casino chips once they have brought into the online slot tournaments and the gamer who has accumulated the largest stack of chips at the end of the round is the big winner. The great thing about online slot tournaments is the fact that in a way everyone is a winner as the online slot tournaments normally award the top 10 players with money amounts which depend on how big the buy-in and winning amount was.

Overall, with its great sound effects, and with a push of a button you too can experience the excitement that comes with the territory of playing online slot tournaments and even better is the satisfying reward of winning cash all from the very comforts of your home without needing to step out into the real world.